I just won my first hack!

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    Hey. Give us more details. Congrats btw 😀
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    @Jackowski so we had to provide a solution to problems women face regarding health care. We ideated and implemented(partially.. ) an app and a website :p it was a comparatively small event.
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    @Jackowski oh and idk if it's just over here but they call it hackathon although it has nothing to do with hacking. Should've named it codeathon or something ...
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    @-misc- Hacking means finding a smart or short route to a solve a problem. If you discover a cure to cancer technically you've "hacked" cancer... The black hooded hackers are the ones who hack computers... Unfortunately in making the term famous they created a stereotype in the process 😂

    In your case you hacked the problem of women's safety
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    For which your friend helped and didn't get a mention.
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