I was contacted by a college senior guy (he was part of the core team of the club that I recently joined in my college).

Him: Do you want to launch your own startup?

Me: Yeah, I would love to.

Him: Nice, Listen. Even I want to start my own company. If you don't know, the current trend is ML and AI . So, I would like to base my startup on an AI application.( He was in his final year )

Me: I haven't tried any ML or AI stuff before.Sorry.

Him: Take 2 months time to study the AI concepts and do the app.

Me: But first, tell me what the AI app is supposed to do?

Him: It can be anything I have to think, you take the AI part and the UI and integration; with your skills and my idea let's build a startup and I will appoint you as the head of Application Development in my company.

*wtf, seriously dude? you want me to build the whole app for you and all you will do is put your fucking startup's name on it. I am building an application all by myself why the f would I ask you to publish it for me*

Me: Okay, I am getting late, I have to leave..

Made sure I didn't meet him again

and I have also came out of that stupid club..

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    *If I am building

    *I also left that stupid club

    I should have terminated the conversation as soon as he told me to study all the ML and AI concepts in 2 months.

    He has no idea about about ML.

    I read ( skimmed through) a book on ML recently, it's fuckin calculus in it everywhere.

    I lost hope in life then.
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    Good call, dickheads who hope to offload all the hard work onto others and appoint themselves as CEOs should die in a fire
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    Good call
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