Dark theme for github?

Ok I know there are darkthemes, I just dont want to install npm and tons ...

I also work in privet repositorios, do you know if I compromise the security by installing a theme?

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    You can try Stylish ( https://chrome.google.com/webstore/... ), an extension for Chrome. Install it, visit the site you want, and browse the available themes created by users. Maybe you'll find what you want.
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    @Sydius maybe Im over reacting but do you trust that extension? I have looked into it and not sure about security
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    @carlosjpc I only use it on a few sites, and only for a few weeks, and with nothing sensitive. As far as I can tell it just loads one or more custom CSS files.

    Also, the extension page links to it's GitHub repo, feel free to browse it's content.

    Here is the chrome version's repo: https://github.com/stylish-userstyl...
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    @Sydius thing is Im not versed in JS, and its a tremendous kick in the butt to read all the files.
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