Favorite development tool: Thesaurus.

Method/variable names are difficult dammit.

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    Nah just use the alphabet... A b c d E f etc. Then go to aa bb cc dd
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    @demortes Nah I just went with random sha1 hashes.
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    @AlinaWithAFace it's job security! (in case you're taking me serious it is a joke... Lol I don't do it...)
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    @bittersweet I know, right? :D
    I always have an online dictionary at hand when coding. I'm very picky about variable/function/... names.
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    @irene You still need to know the correct English term for 'what it does'. 😉

    At least is you're as perfectionist as I am (and @bittersweet as well, I believe).
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    @theCalcaholic In this case I was looking for a name for a class that validates whether specific encoded legal rules are valid, eg. contiguously covering a period of time, without gaps or overlaps, and whether they were active when a specific event happened (taxation, billing, contract start dates)

    So it's like:
    uh no rules are too vague... uh law, tenet, statute, uh... right policy!
    hmm but what kind of policy?
    hmm periods are bloody
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    @irene Not one function... it constructs the history of law in relation to time, and together with specific signed documents it tries to answer questions like "during the time that this agreement was in effect, did it contradict with any national or EU laws or jurisprudences (when those were in effect)". Case laws can have various levels of "validity" as it depends on the judiciary hierarchy for example.

    It composes together with tensorflow models which classifies clauses in labor contracts, a system which monitors and consumes state publications on new laws, and a system which tries to broker agreements between sellers and buyers of labor in accordance with tax regulations (salary brackets, innovation/study subsidies, green transport benefits, etc).

    I do like my classes not do too much, but this class is over 1k lines and >100 unit tests anyway -- which is awful for one class. Still... that's only 0.0028% of the project (~35M LOC).
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    @irene Yeah, so at 3am the best you can think of is "LawThingieWhenThingCheckingThing", and that's when you need a dictionary 😩

    I keep asking my boss to provide appropriate terminology in sprint tasks, because I'm not a lawyer dammit.

    This class was just a renaming/refactoring project, because most things in our codebase do actually get called the equivalent to ThingieThing by retard developers.
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    @bittersweet That project sounds both intriguing and horrifyingly complex...
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