contract of a response of a API.
Person : [
Information : {
Name : "lastName",
Type : "C"
OtherInfromation : {
Name : "FirstName"

hum.. what types o person can exist ?
Type / Enum
A Adult
C Child
F Female
IN Infant
M Male

so it can be only one of those.. Greate!!!

  • 4
    What if it's a female infant? Or a male adult? Is adult a gender? Can child be a gender? What about trans? You can't be an infant male? Is mayonnaise a gender Squidward?

    That json sparks so many questions.
  • 1
    Feels like there is a gender-attribute missing ^^
  • 0
    Now, there's sex and there's gender. That should keep you busy some 😄
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