Stephen Hawking died. :(

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    Time for everyone to try to grab as much karma as possible
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    My eyes....
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    "I am very intrigued by the one about the Undertaker."
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    @divil you have to admit it's a big loss for humanity.
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    How can you tell
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    @divil Humans tend to be a selfish, violent, autodestructrice lot, especially Europeans and hence Americans as well, and we're degenerating more and more at every generation, physically and in intelligence. But it doesn't mean there's no beauty left. You see what you want to see.

    (At the moment I see lots of beautiful people passing by. And it seems to be short skirts weather 😁🍺)

    Also, there's so much unknown. Too much for our little arrogant minds to handle. What we know today is only a small fraction of reality.
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