Happy PI day✌🤘
RIP Stephen Hawking😧🙏

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    Realllllyy? :(
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    🙏 is meant to be a high five emoji, not a prayer emoji
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    @drGreat5 is s/he high five with him/her self?
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    @drGreat5 I think its prayer emoji.
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    @amnjain So a quick Google search brings up a bunch of news articles regarding the matter, none of them from reliable sources. And people are just as confused. People living in the east seem to perceive it as a prayer emoji (me included until I saw a tweet that said otherwise) and westerners perceive it as a high five.

    The emoji search on the Google (and stock iOS) keyboards for "high five" and "prayer" shows the same emoji. So, I guess no one really knows.

    So, in conclusion, it's just bad design.

    P.S: Someone downvoted my comment. We're victims of bad design and the non existence of an answer here and I was not entirely wrong (or correct). Any offense was unintended. Peace.
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    So... I tried searching the emoji in WhatsApp. That emoji shows when I search for both "high five" and "pray". While in Slack, its code is ":pray:".

    I'd say its meaning depends on the context...
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