Sometimes as an intern I legitimately have no work to do and I feel awful about it. Sitting here twiddling my thumbs makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong. You can only ask for work so much... Trying to find things on our backlog to work on but they're all unfinished/not ready or too verbose / require too much for me to take on.

Mmmmehhhh I don't know what to dooooo

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    Do some additional learning on the technologies you're using? It should be a genuine benefit to the company if you're training yourself up.
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    A clash of code is awesome in situations like that!
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    @Aleph yeah I've spent a ton of time utilizing online resources. And I've learned a lot, but at some point I gotta say "they don't pay me to sit around and watch videos".

    It's just bursts of work followed by periods of emptiness.
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