I only have two words 'Fuck Ruby!'

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    Do you have a story as well?
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    @YouAreAPIRate Yes coming from C++ and java, I just cant get use to the syntax of ruby its so weird compared to C++. I much rather learn php compared to ruby. I wouldn't say that is a story but that's basically the gist for my rant. #weaksauce
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    You just have to spend much time with what you are struggling with. I remember spending months learning nodejs ( didn't know js back then ). Today I am able to build server side code using nodejs with ease. The more time you spend with it the better you get simple as that
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    Honestly, Ruby is useless without rails, but I still like it. It's an elegant language.
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    @sjb2729 Huh seems that I can't upvote at the moment, but thanks for the tip! Much appreciated.
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