I have this black friend and i ask him,

Me: why cant i say the n word?
Him: your not black ,your asian its like saying html is a programming language
Me: Bruhhhh

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    And the fact that the latest variations of both HTML and CSS are turing complete means we can call them a programming language now :p
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    @irene I think the point was that just like you gotta be a dev to gets infuriated by that statement, you gotta be a <African American of color> to understand why it's offensive
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    You're *
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    @reset--hard i don’t understand why they find it offensive when they themselves use the word without any problems.

    If it was truly offensive, then it is offensive during all the uses of the word...
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    @Prutser maybe those are different people? I mean whoever uses the word "nigger" should not be offended by it (regardless of cultural or ethnic origin), but there are also people who associate it with victims of racism and slavery and would prefer not to be seen as such.
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    @irene I don't see a reason to use the Latin word for "black" in an English conversation other than trolling people who might misinterpret it as "nigger"
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    @ zvyn true, true. There is a saying in my native language, which roughly translates to “don’t do yourself, what you don’t want others to do”.
    So people who don’t use a certain word because of a perceived negative meaning may be offended when others use it. But people who use a word regularly themselves but act offended when others use it are (imo) idiots:)
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    @teganburns Is it bad I knew exactly what rhymes on that?
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    @PrivateGER me too, it's "trigger", right?
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    @zvyn no its a PewDiePie quote that got him targeted by wsj
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