So... We have a client that shan't be named cause I don't even know their name. A non-profit charity-type classical music organization. Anyway, they came yesterday to discuss the design of their site. Now, before we get to the happenings, know that the construction of said site is ongoing for over 3 years now, with stuff being delayed due to never providing needed content or due to changes in their organization. Due them considering that the site was never finished they believe that all of the changes they request should not be paid. The site is live and in use during the whole time, perfectly functional. They're just never happy with the design and constantly change it little by little, and during the course of those years, it's gone through multiple complete overhauls when you put those little changes together.

TL;DR: Client believes that they should not have to pay for changes over the years due to the belief that it was never finished in the first place.

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    Pay accourding to dev hours, every month.
    pretty good client, if they pay on time.
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    Your service charges need to be clearer. Like @magicMirror said. Charge for dev hours or something like that.
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    We need better contracts...
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    My wife is a musician, therefore I know quite a lot of musicians. Most of them barely earn enough to stay alive. In classical music it's really bad, as for pop music it's easy to get a crowd together. Needless to say the pay isn't in relation to the quality.

    Nevertheless, you did your work and it has to be paid for. I just wanted to write this, to put things in context.
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