I swear to god if see another "Here's how I made my amazing new website with Wixs" advert on Youtube, I'm going to throw my laptop out the god damn window!

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    Have you heard about adblock???
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    Lord and saviour uBlock Origin will cleanse you
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    Wix is great best thing happened to webdeveloper in years now hopefully WordPress fucking dies
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    @LordKerwin are you being sarcastic now?
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    Add Udemy to that, can’t they fucking understand that I hate wix more than web design
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    @LordKerwin no offense to WordPress devs
    WordPress is great if done correctly but
    When a client asks why u charge 2k for a website he could done in WordPress for free it's harder to justify then the same example with Wix
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    *Linus's voice* and on that note: SquareSpace! Build it beautiful!
    For the people that don't know which Linus I'm talking about type "LinusTechTips" into your search engine of choice.
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