Should i go for i3-7th gen laptop or i5 laptop for android and web development?? Any suggestions

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    Depends, do you want to use an emulator and if yes, which one?
    Also you should definitely have enough ram, otherwise you won't like android studio.
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    @glm9637 both have 4gb of ram
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    then none of them.
    min requirments are 16gb ram, 256gb ssd, and a keyboard you can use. screen size, and weight are also considerations.
    cpu speed, and gpu ranks very low on pro/con list, as the gains are very small in a similar price bracket.
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    @magicMirror can you suggest me a laptop in the range between 700$-750$
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    @SpiDee just look on retailer websites, they have more than enough filters to help you find a device to meet those requirements
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    @SpiDee sorry. at that price range, you will stare a the screen for a long time waiting for gradle to finish building things.
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    Doesn't matter as long as you have more than 4GB of ram. Get an SSD.
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    @SpiDee You can use android studio on a 4 GB ram device but it lags a lot. 6 GB ram and it lags when you run many windows at once. 8 GB ram runs android studio pretty smoothly. Tried all the 3 from above.I recommend you to get atleast 6 if not 8.
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