"web developers are a dime a dozen"

No, people that know HTML are a dime a dozen. It's true that web developers are becoming common in CS, I mean everything is web based now and there's a low barrier of entry. But web devs still get paid well when they know what they're doing, and that means that demand hasn't plummeted like everyone suggests.

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    Not to mention that a lot of "web developers" don't even know HTML. They just use some drag and drop editor and then dump a rat's nest of code in their client's lap that takes 3 minutes to load.
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    "wordpress developers are a dime dozen"
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    @adamyeti seriously? I spent like 6 months hard core grinding HTML/CSS/JS tutorials and code alongs online to land my first internship. Im in my early 20s but just got my first front-end full time position at a fortune 500 recently, I assumed that this was considered normal for web dev in the US
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    @Crazed It is, but that doesn't mean some teenager with a visual design program can't snag random clients with the promise of a low price... In no way did I imply that these people were getting web dev jobs at actual companies though lol
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    @adamyeti ah I see, to me a web developer either has years of experience (so they can hold up to professionals) or they code professionally.

    Also sorry if I come across a little blunt. Im drunk. Perks of being in school.
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    @Crazed a real web developer, yes. That's why I said "web developer" in quotes ;)

    And no worries, I don't take anything too seriously around here
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    @adamyeti best way to go about life my friend!

    Cheers 🍺
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