Rate my new linux theme. (i3-gaps)

Btw don't ask me for the dotfile it's a big mess. :s

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    You just inspired me to post my own screenshot of my setup!
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    Ey, that's pretty good
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    Browser or terminal? It’s always interesting to know, and I’m building my setup for my usb install, so I try to get inspiration
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    @-vim- Termite and vimb. Actually the navigation of vimb is nice but it doesn't render perfectly all the time. Even stackoverflow isn't perfectly rendered. This was my replacement for vimperator. I tried a lot of alternative since, like vimb. But I can't find any decent browser with vim navigation.
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    I rather liked VimFX for vim emu in a browser, although Mozilla killed that off with the move to WebExtensions :/

    If there's one thing that I would like, it's for extensions to be able to interact with the browser UI. Currently using Vimium-FF and it had to add its own implementation of already existing features (Like the omnibar, for example) which just don't quite feel as good as the Firefox ones.
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    *cums* 😍
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