My wife and all of our friends are Brazilian. When they are all talking in a group in Portuguese, my mind wonders off and wishing I was back doing my coding.

Like, if you want to include me, talk my language! English, PHP, JavaScript... All acceptable.

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    I was in the same boat (Greek spouse) until I started learning Greek. I'm not perfect but I know enough to interject and repeat words to engage others, and ask questions. That's always a good way to remind them to use English. I definitely advise you learn Portuguese if your spouse uses it. Learning my spouse's language has brought us much closer together and I can use it as secret code in certain situations
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    I completely understand. My partner is German and I'm Irish. I have a good level of German myself although, I still struggle to keep up when we are together with her friends. I prefer to speak German as default and not force others to speak English. Thank goodness I have Irish bars in my city where I can find my kin. Make the effort to learn your partner's language and reap the rewards.
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    I actually do, @irene. Just no where near to be able to join in the conversation. I pick up words here and there and sometimes understand the general context, quite hard but I do make an effort.

    I generally feel left out though as they are all 100% fluent in English...
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