At my job we have these days where we have to BUG-BASH, meaning we do any stupid thing on the software to test it and find bugs.

I hate it.

I didn't sign to be a QA.

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    Being QA is not bad.

    If you are so fucking confident with your code, push it to production directly.

    I dare you. I double dare you.
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    @Floydian *this* as a developer, yes, testing can be an utter chore. Especially when it’s usually *someone* else’s job.

    But you’ve built it, you have a responsibility to ensure it passes muster.
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    @Floydian you didn't understand my point. I test the code I submit. Always.

    I just hate being forced to find bugs and regress versions that were already regressed by QAs. I know their job is our security net, don't worry ;)
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    @Jellomachine all good then 😊
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