The retail price of 2.5 SSDs are getting really cheap these days.
However, it does NOT reflect on custom laptop options...
You greedy Microsoft and Dell!

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    Most people who buy Dells heard about SSD's yesterday, think they are newer than 4k TV's, and will not scoff at $1/GB because they don't even think about that.
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    And it's questionable that those run on 2.5" Ssd rather then on m.2 nvme s which are quite pricey.
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    And all "those" companys rip you off,
    I worked for one that if you wanted a different drive, put that price on top of what the planed already cost.

    For example:
    System + configSSD + YourCustomSSD.

    And they obviously didn't leave the config Ssd in the pc.

    "Free" ssds for them.
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    @RageBone The story is that I bought Intel NUC, because I got a spare set of 8gb DDR3 ram and 120 m2 ssd.
    So I choose an entity level celeron model intentionally.

    Then, shit happened.
    It uses DDR3L only, and don't have me slot...
    Which it's completely different then another one I got at work.

    I thought how about return it and order a Microsoft surface, but I saw the price tag on 250gb model...
    Oh geez. These guys are fucken crazy.
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