I've been trying to leave DoD for a couple of months now. Translating my 10 year's experience with complex Intelligence enterprise level systems to something relatable to the civilian IT world. Grabbed a few certs to help out A+, network+ and security+ with Linux+ as my next target. Photos of me working on unclassified systems, radios, cell towers and servers. I'm a teacher for military UAS so this shouldn't be to hard to get even a basic job in IT right.

No one will hire...
Linux admin: Nope
Network admin: Nope
Assistant Network admin: Nope
IT call service: Nope
Pool cleaner fucking nope
Many interviews and nothing
I'm broke and sold all of my personal valuables. I can't hold out much longer and really looking at becoming homeless. But I'm kinda ok with it, one last payment on my apartment and car is all I can do now. My parents think I'm in Afghanistan working a six figure job lol

DoD: we see you're trying to leave we'll pay you alot to teach A+, Network+ and Security+ traveling all across the country and staying at hotels with all expenses paid.

FU FU FU I want out please tell me someone has a job, I'll be a janitor of a server room Idc I just want out. Fuck the pay

I start Tuesday...

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    Rule one when trying to get a job.

    Do not think about getting away from something.

    Try to think of what you want to go to.

    If the hirer feels that you are desperate to get away they will wonder if its because you are the problem.

    Try to come up with reasons you want to work for the new company instead, make it into you are looking for something,

    And if the job is way simpler, like pool cleaner. Don’t brag about your competence, it will be a liability if you are to over educated, that makes them fear that you will ask fo better pay or other things to do later on.

    And make sure you train on presenting your self. It makes a ton of difference if you seem secure and stable and training on presenting your self is a way to get there.
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    Working for the DoD is like working in the DMV. Teaching the military is awesome but I hate military contractor culture, know one really knows everything they need to know to teach and since the contract is set in stone mostly. You can't get fired easy. Every problem is answered with "not my problem" million dollar systems breaks and it was totally preventable while being inside of our relm of work. And since it doesn't affect pay fuck it.

    To anyone else this is the job to get. It's stable and high paying.

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    But I was a soldier in Afghanistan in 2010 and my role was to over watch units on the ground. We had radios to communicate but since it wasn't our job to program and set them up. They didn't really work. Well we found an ied in the road a few hundred meters ahead of the convoy and we called it in locally with our radios. Well everyone had skipped out on radio training and no one was able to reach the convoy. We watched them explode. I immediately grabbed all the radio books to make sure it doesn't happen again. But more different things happen and I learned more. Everything linked to a death... I got really good at my job because I was scared to get someone killed. But the better I got the more the military used me. Eventually making me a teacher.
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    I got out and started working at these companies and the carelessness is to much. The military relies on them to train but all they care about is money. Even going so far as to delete information out of manuals to force reliance on them. It's really bad but Everytime I see something done wrong or broken I remember why it had to be done right. It force's me to relive my past. Everytime I messed up I watch someone else pay
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