Seems legit...

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    Like yeah, without even an interview...
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    I like how
    he formatted the
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    Wtf!! Are you fucking offering to move a
    Canadian to USA (would absolutely not move
    to USA, even if it
    was for Elon Musk)
    without even
    getting a job interview
    first. I know they would get a job interview
    first, but still
    that’s crazy
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    @-vim- I’m actually not Canadian (perhaps unfortunately). So it’s a Canadian company telling me I’m hired in the US for a manager position, without any need for even a conversation over the phone.
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    If this is true I am commuting suicide. I am looking for full time and getting rejects from biggies. N he gets a manager position served on a silver platter.
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    Seems Indian.
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    That english... Holy fuck
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