At the company I worked for earlier, they'd blocked two USB ports citing security policies. The third USB, was unblocked because the system admin didn't know a laptop can have more than 2 USBs .
Gigabit LAN was open.
They just wanted you to copy stuff at higher speed, I think.
If you think blocking a couple of USB ports is going to stop a dev from copying data, well either you're unbearably stupid, or think too less of your devs. It is just gonna hinder their productivity, nothing else.

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    @lunorian for some military, governmental, and legal applications this is general procedure.

    However OP doesn't sound like he works in one of those fields and it sounds like his company is just a bunch of paranoid schizophrenics.

    I'd like to see them try to inhibit any skilled black hat or social engineer. Maybe it's just to stop script kiddies who think they get r00t access through a USB

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    @Jmann indeed. And blocking 2 out of 3 USB ports will solve that?
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    @tehdoctor exactly. It was just a pain in the ass. The network speed being 128kbps and LAN sharing disabled, it was so much fun transferring TBs of data without an external HDD. I worked in a research lab btw.
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    @Jmann obviously. There's a difference between mainstream PC use and an office full of developers/researchers.
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    The problem isn't with system admin, but with the super-outdated policies.
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