So lets see if i can get this devrant stuff right.

So a couple of years ago i worked for this company, where i worked in datawarehousing and business intelligence. I was in my 3rd year of working as a software engineer and was full of ideas, motivation and just wanted to do cool stuff.

Anyway, after the first couple of months of working where i learned what they actually wanted to achieve, i got some ideas on how to improve the workflow. They were just simple things, like updating our IDE (we were working with a very old Visual Studio version), getting useful editors, using some more modern ideoms like unittests, continous integration, etc. Simple stuff really.

So in my endless naiveness i went to my supervisor and told him my ideas. He was not particularly interested in my ideas and cut me off somewhere in the middle and said that he would talk to his boss.

So a couple of weeks after that (nothing happened), i went to him again and asked about it.
M:" Hey Bossman, have you thought about my ideas?"
B:"We won't do them."
M:"None of them?"

So at this point i was a bit bummed out, but surely he has a good reason right? So i asked why.

B:"Well, because we always have done it the way we do it now."

I think i had a bit of a blank stare at that point, because he looked at me funny. If we would do things like we always have done them, we would be still in the stone age you moron.

God i hate it when people say stuff like that.

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    Same happened to me like two years ago 🤐
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    @Jmann I stayed a year there. It wasn't the only problem i had with it. It also included the fact that the workload i had for a whole week was done in around 2 1/2 days. Which lead to me just sitting around and doing nothing.
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    In Switzerland we have a saying (is that a word?), That's often associated with our military: "Ist so, weil war so und bleibt so, weil ist so".

    To roughly translate this: "it is like it is, because that's the way it was and it will stay like it is, because that's how it is currently".
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