*dev wants to find FFmpeg docs
*dev starts typing "FF"
*SwiftKey reveals dev's true personality

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    Nothing to be proud of..
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    SwiftKey didn't work out for me. The Hungarian autocorrect was a pure shit show. Should I give it a try again?
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    @DjSall You're right: writing Hungarian text w/ SwiftKey is just tedious. In my experience Gboard performs better in terms of ease of use and writing speed - in English, Romanian and Hungarian.

    The perfect keyboard for me was Swype, but now, that it's discontinued, I'm sticking with Gboard...
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    @PhpForever what, searching for FFmpeg docs? Yeah, I know I should have them bookmarked by now. I'm ashamed of myself too...
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    This guy Ffmpegs.
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    ─îista jeba ;)
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