Tested out parcel.js as webpack replacement and wasted 3 hours because of a missing sourcemap reference at the end of the bundled file. It was not parcels fault, but dear author of parcel-vue-plugin never again override one of parcels core file you fucker or i'll chop of your genitals with a rusty knife.

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    So what's your conclusion, what are the use cases for parcel everything that webpack can do? What are some advatanges/disadvantages against webpack? I'm interested because I'd like to test out some good alternatives 😃
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    The main advantag is that you need no config. It comes with a lot of build in support for example scss pug vue less typescript even compiling webassembly from rust code via import rustCode from 'myRustSourceFile.rs'

    Downside is lack of detailed customization, even though you'll rarely need it. Though you can customize the bundles though by using its programmable API.
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