Why leave lines in between when you can just adjust the line spacing?

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    Hell yeah!
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    I kinda have a setup like your talking about.

    I of course do line breaks.
    But I adjusted the font size and did “relaxed” spacing; I also chose some soft colors and a loose feeling font.

    The overall effect is a markerboard, where you right down ideas.

    Very easy to read everything.
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    @IrreleventIdiot mind sharing the config with us?
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    @gardenGnome Aw Shoot. Almost forgot about your request.

    I can’t get my hands on it this second.
    But it was a simple one.
    Basically the only changes I made where:

    Change Background Color to slightly less than full white. (easier on the eyes.)

    Text size = 14 for just about everything.

    Relaxed Font Spacing.

    And Current Selected Line is full white. (Allows your eyes to more easily follow the current line.)

    Font...aw shoot I forget, but it was mono, and kinda looked a little like markerboard type writing. One of the normal included ones.

    The program I use is XCode 9.x on macOS
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    @IrreleventIdiot I was hoping for a config for vscode or sublime :P
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