After the "Cloud Computing" trend, the new trends these days seems to be ML, VR and AI. And while I am very excited about all these techs and the possibilities it can bring, I can't help feel that most of us are using the term "AI" a bit incorrectly.
What we are trying to do here, as far as I can see, is VI, not AI. The intelligence we see in the so called "AI"s available so far are simulated and fails to emulate real intelligence, let alone demonstrate actual intelligence and awareness. They are not fully aware. But I guess that is why there is the singularity constraint. It is no doubt that when a VI finally becomes are fully aware AI, that is indeed the point of singularity.

Anyway, leaving the future dystopian thoughts aside, a mixture of ML, "AI" and VR have made some very interesting concepts, especially in the gaming industry, which I would love to see bear fruit in the near future.

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    Intelligence does not need to be self aware. Animals aren't necessarily self aware, but they are intelligent.
    Intelligence is actually a really abstract concept and depends on your goals. Human intelligence is suited for entirely different things than what AI is doing.

    So personally, I think Neural networks with deep learning is a kind of artificial intelligence and also its a very promising one because it uses the same process of selection as in real life, through mutation and competition over time.
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    I would argue that being able to classify images at a better accuracy then humans can is a type of intelligence.
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