I’ve had it with people and their lies on experience in the tech world, some guy/girl said to me that he/she had “8 years of experience” but still had problems on something they said they’ve “mastered”

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    Dude THIS is a big frustration with me in this industry right now... Tech, coding, data analytics... Its quite possibly the industry with the most "blurred" lines of education/experience... I almost feel like those two things shouldn't even be factors (even thought that's how every other industry defines its talent acquisition) you're either good at it or you're not because of or despite those factors...
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    That's the problem with asking experience instead of skills
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    @vikaskr thats true, but how do you measure skills, in your CV? certificate can also be a misleading
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    @dotPy why ask for any certificate. Just let him/her declare it and prove it in interview. This way many potential candidate will not be left out who do not have enough experience in terms of time or do not possesses any certification.
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    Well, if you ask for experience it's what you get. A person can have 10 years of experience in c# but he might have only used it in Unity engine... Same goes for any other language - they might have the experience but no two tasks are the same.
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    @vikaskr @potata Agreed... Interviews in this industry should be working interviews... You're leaving out self-taught, fast learning, capable people.

    Then you're left wondering why education guy (who's maybe never practically programmed hands on) or 10 year unity c# guy can't comprehend x language, y concept or z program.

    In general we have a huge stigmatism against people who lack degrees or certs in fields where all the resources you need are available on a device in our pockets
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