Slapping idiots around.

This needs to be a trend.

Actual rant :
I'm sitting in this idiot haven completing my mandatory hours doing nothing. Earlier I would spend this time learning stuff but I'm too fed up to do anything. This place is driving me mad and just today I had to suffer through more madness that is blocking me from resolving a bug.(I don't have the license to run the product I'm supposed to be fixing)
The number of inept idiots is too damn high. I try not to be bothered but I can only try so much.

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    Same boat... Feel your pain... What got me through my day was hackerRank challenges, check it out, might help you too...
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    Corporate it-department?
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    @lasseontherant Hahaha. No. I'm a "dev" working on a product. 😀
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    @GhostDev Hmm. I was (am) too frustrated for it. I've been doing regex crossword for a while. Today will hopefully be perl day.
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