So if anyone is interested or has read or listened to The 48 laws of power....


I'm 40 minutes in and at first I was in denial...

"No people are better than this now, we can transcend this kind of behavior and thinking, I don't need to act this way and follow the lessons in this book"

And now that I'm through a couple laws and I apply it to my marriage, friendships, my job, etc. I'm like SHIT this really is human nature isn't it....damn it.

I really need to start applying this book to how I approach life lol

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    The need or desire for power is not a new one by any means. The issue with the structure of this book is that it assumes all power to be disadvantageous to others, and thus one should only seek power for oneself, for selfish needs. In that sense, this book is somewhat outdated. Motivation for power comes from a very wide variety of backgrounds, including philanthropic ones, so one might say a book like this should be adapted to suit the need.
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    This is one of my all time favorite books! Such a treasure. I would be lying if I'd say I didn't learn anything from this book.
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    My favorite is:

    Be a Roman in Rome /
    Be a Roman amongst Romans

    It roughly translates to : Don't show your superiority or distinctness when you are in non native environment.

    Helps me deal with my uni life.
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    @monr0e that's kinda what's been bothering me about the book... It almost takes on the attitude that literally everybody is out to get everybody and people only care about themselves... Still some interesting lessons though
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