I just had a look in the basement of our building, and discovered this setup. Any one have any idea what it might do?

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    Someone needed two plugs and had one cable, and no desire to get a switch it seems 😂
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    @Yamemori Yeah, probably. Doesn't ethernet require at least 4 wires?
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    Catch fire
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    Don’t think anyone in the building has a phone in their apartment. Plus I haven’t seen this setup before. I’m pretty sure the loose cables you see were connected at some point
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    It seems like someone is running 2x 100M lines through one cable
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    Its 4 voice lines. They didnt have a rj-45 mod plug for the last one so they used\cut old cable and crimped it together! LMAO sometimes you gotta do with what you got
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    Maybe alarm\phone lines? Its gotta gotta be analog with only one pair@ChainsawBaby
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    I figured out what that cable hack was. We are part of an experiment to reduce energy consumption from our heating, yet maintain a nice temperature in the apartment

    So the company that's doing the experiment has 1 sensor in 4 apartments

    And since we're using coax internet, they just plugged the sensors to the ethernet port in the apartment and then put the 4 sensors into one cabled stretched into the boiler room.

    Mystery solved.
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