Oh my god, I just spilled a fluid on my desktop computer, some of it got through the vent holes and it shut down instantly. At first sight my 270€ graphics card took some, the RAM stick also and there are a few drops on the motherboard...
Holy shit I didn't expect this day to end worse than it already was :/

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    Unplug everything and don't plug them until everything is dry and clean (you may need to remove heatsinks and clean with alcol): something may have survived even if with permanent damage.
    Happened also to me after a liquid cooling failure
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    @plokko that was my first reflex, but by looking at the SMD on the graphics card there already seems to be some oxydation damage
    However for the RAM and the motherboard I have faith that only the heatsinks got splashed
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    damn that hurts :-(
    (giving a ++ feelt wrong)
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    @oscarascal well if there is nothing burn it may be intact:
    I had the same problem, the vga was soaked and few drop went to the pci-e.
    The pci-e lane was literally fried but the vga was intact:
    Vga have a lot of power components but if the water did not fry the gpu it could have triggered the psu safe mode before anything critical happened.
    The oxydation you see may just be the liquid reacting to the current,if you clean it off it could still be ok (same in my case).
    Just be EXTRA sure everything is clean (water deposits still create issues!) and perfecly dry because water may hide even of it look perfectly dry.
    Finger crossed....
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