What’s an adequate amount of lead time for a code freeze notice. I was asked to update some code I was not responsible for. The updates will take about 2 weeks. A few days after being assigned I get a notice of the code freeze :/

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    What is the problem? Just implement the changes on a feature branch, test it and merge after the code freeze...

    It only assures you that for the time of the freeze nobody will change the current production version
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    I cannot just create a branch. You have to fill out a form to get permission.
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    @easyrhino da fuck? What kind of VC you are using?

    If you are using git (and does not seem like it) you can create the branch locally, wait for the freeze end and then push it to origin...

    Other VCs will allow you to have locally stashed branches
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    @mmcorreia @mmcorreia we use p4. As far as I know the adim has it setup so users can't just create branches.
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    @easyrhino p4!? I don't know that one... I can only find Helix Perforce and as I understand it uses git has the underlining engine... That being said...

    1. It is moronic to limit feature branch creation as it breaks flow and creates issues
    2. As it is git you can have local branches, you just can't push the branch to the VC server... It is risky but you can just develop locally and keep changes locally on a branch untill the freeze is over... Just pray nothing happens to your machine (and again, this is why it's stupid to disallow feature branches - it robs you of any good solution for these cases)
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