My compsci II Prof pirates windows 7 for his openbox vm to teach C++

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    Meanwhile my programming teacher in high school hates windows with a passion. He would never even want windows...
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    @vinoo haha not with our COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY graphics library we have to use for all of our projects
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    Nobody notice the code is in a word doc?
    What the fuck.
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    @alegro the code in the word doc is just example code, he's running visual studio in the background
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    You can press alt+shift+enter to put the file in full screen mode. No reason to use a word doc. Let alone formatting would be horrendous to maintain unless embedded via image.
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    It's not piratted, it's just not activated
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    @vinoo I think it's a custom library for GLUT. "GraphicsLib" is the name and I can't find any website for it anywhere. The only documentation I have for it is what is provided on our class's blackboard.
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    As far as I know pirated copies of Windows tend to be "activated"...

    Erm... a freind told me that... yeah, that's the only reason I know... :/
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    @ytho why would it not run on Linux it it's built on glut?
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    @YousifMansour I found the library being used in this GitHub project. In fact it looks like the owner of this repo goes to my school. https://github.com/MrMepper/...
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    He could like, you know... maybe get the FREE "IE11 - Win 7" virtualbox appliance image directly from Microsoft that runs for 90 days and that you can rearm several times and when you run out of rearms you can just load a previous snapshot... just sayin... Why install a full system in VirtualBox if the stripped down image would work just fine and is 1000% legal to use for whatever you want (it is actually intended for testing websites in IE but they don't ban you from using it for other things)
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    @D3add3d that actually sounds more complicated than running Windows with no license key.

    Or school offers free copies of Windows. It's not like he's short on cash
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    @ytho nah, easier to set up, you import it into VirtualBox and it just works and to re-amr it is like single command in the command line and it even has a wallpaper with the command written on it
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