Had written a robust code. Project manager asked me to make some changes which will alter the code consistency (which he doesn't understand).
I suggested an alternative..
Project manager warned me not to go according to my convenience...
Fuck them.. now i am writing code as per their needs... #Lifeofprogrammers

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    I've been there and is an absolute shame.

    The only thing I do in those situations is:

    1.- Declare my complete rejection to apply that alternative, and make clear I'm gonna do it BUT it'll be against my will.

    2.- Leave a complete explanation on the code comments and documentation about why it is made the way it's made and how I would have done it.

    It gives me peace of mind at least.
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    @antorqs going against them is a good idea?
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    @kirodian Sometimes, but some other times you just can't.

    Because sometimes doing it the right way will take more time (than a quick shit code), and if you miss the deadline for example, you'll have to explain that it took you longer because you decided to do it your way.

    On the other hand, doing it wrong because asked has the advantage that, when everything falls apart and explode, you'll be there like "I told you and here's proof I told you, motherfuckers..."
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