At my school we use iPads (I don't know why) and the teachers can see what's on your screen, lock you inside an app, block apps/basically everything, lock/shut down your iPad, uninstall apps and they can even see what's your location. It sucks ass, but with my "professional" hacking skills I figured out a way to hack the system. If I use a VPN, for some reason they can't do anything to my iPad. I'm still waiting for the day my school is going to ditch iPad's an buy us laptops, but at least I can sleep good at night without having my teacher doing stuff to my iPad.

(I have a ton of other things I don't like about my school, and would love to rant about, but I don't want this rant to be 5000 pages long)

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    I've been using VPN and i don't want to consider this as "Hacking"

    It will just change your IP Address and disable censorship
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    @Clueless I was being sarcastic.
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    @TomW I envy you because not many ICT departments give devices to students. Instead they will have to write and study in a notebook, or print the slides.
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    @irene I can't because the only way I can make my homework is on my iPad. I don't have real books, there all on my iPad.
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    @Clueless That's true.
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