I can't seem to get a job. I know I lack team skills (agile team environmetn stuff) and "commercial" experience. But I had hoped by working on Opensource projects, displaying my ability to write clean documented code, and use of TDD publicly would help get to the initial interviews. But I'm still not hearing back from anyone and it's getting harder and harder to find work when I keep getting questioned about why I haven't been employed for almost two years

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    If you havn't already, post your resume all over the place, on every job board. Every opportunity I reached out to personally did not end well, but after a few months of actively searching, a pretty good job reached out to me. I'll admit I got pretty lucky, since the place that found me was less than a 10min drive from where I live and was looking for entry level developers, but give it time and you may get lucky too. Good luck my friend :)
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    Thank you, @nibbers
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    Check out stackovetflow job post, remoteok, codewars, codefights, etc.

    Code related sites that double as a recruitment platform are the place for you.
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