I wanna make a mobile app. I just don’t know what to do. I was thinking on a study app , but my mockups were basically a ripoff from an app i used some time ago (funny how we think we can do better, but end up with the same shit). So now, back to square one :/

Any ideas? Anyone needing a very willing developer ?

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    hey I can't pay you but if you like front-end, make a killer launcher for android boxes. It's a huge market. I'm working on firmware for them that turns them into better functioning chrome/amazon stick look-alikes.
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    I have too many ideas to fit this box and are happy to share some of them with you if you really want it.

    First off, if you want to contribute to the learning community I suggest sticking with quite basics. Of course there's a need for the advanced tools, but the need is much lower than for the basic stuff.

    Text editors comes first to my mind. Yes you will be competing against Microsoft Office and LibreOffice, notepad, etc. which are not even close to the ideal for making memos. This is needed in the business world as well.
    Currently my preferred software for making quick memos is VSCode with Markdown.

    Otherwise, there's always need for contributions in existing open-source projects.

    Edit: Sorry, forgot the mobile. But it may apply as well.
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    I signed up for one of those freelancers Websites, but no luck so far
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