Have you ever written an awesome tool or library at work and then you want to find a way to sneak it out of the company to use it on your own projects?

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    I once made my personal tool collection available to the whole team as a kind of christmas present (a few days before christmas holidays).

    Those were quite a few tools that had evolved over the past years to save me time and effort on recurring tasks. I polished them and added documentation before releasing it, as I hadn't taken much care on usability as long as I was the only one using them.

    And I got a whole lot of positive feedback, how much easier some tasks got with these tools.

    But my secret intention was, that this collection could grow with others adding their tools as well.

    Now, five years later only one tool from someone else has found its way into this collection. So sadly my plan failed and I'm still wondering if my colleagues don't like to open up their treasure box or if they just don't automate their day-to-day routine. I fear it might be the latter...
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