So the group announced a merge of several systems into my platform. Growing it from 5000 sites to 75000. Lead time of a year, time enough to build it properly, finish the split of the current monolith into microservices, make it fast.

Suddenly, they reduced the time to three months, no explanation given. Solution is to keep the current PHP shit pile, but "scale" it using magic hardware or something. Oh and add 258 features, including things like "intuitive navigation" and "progressive web app" which some junior PM wannabe got off wikipedia or something.

And my boss has bent over to these morons and basically said yes, instead of informing them that this is a fool's errand.

Fuck em. I've said that they're nuts, and if they force the issue, I will resign. And my team probably will too.

But first I will take an inconveniently timed holiday.

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    I like you. 😊
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    @Root thanks!

    The project was dropped in the end. The group decided to go with an external partner.

    Instead we have to deliver "ecommerce" across our 5000 websites in a month.

    So we've added a bunch of unaudited plugins of various provenances to WordPress, I have told them I won't guarantee the results, and I'm actively looking around for my next gig.

    I was brought on to pilot the split into services. They won't let me do it. Time to leave.
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