I am the new girl. While I’ve been at this company for two years, I’ve only been in my new position a little over a month. I haven’t quite figured out if I am sysadmin or devops yet. It’s a bit all over the place. I am building a new thing at work. I build different types servers and set them on fire frequently as a hobby. This one is a stack I haven’t built before. It wasn’t working. I eventually got to the point where I told the other guy maybe I should consider resigning, I’m not qualified for this job. He said... Finally... now you’re going to figure it out and fix it. The next day, I did find what I kept overlooking and made it work. I guess this is life now.

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    Welcome to the trenches 😛
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    Imposter syndrome. Obviously you are qualified, you’ve gotten this far! Don’t give up. 🙂
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    Leaving a dot here.
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    I have moments where I feel like I'm basically a fucking imbecile and usually shortly after I've considered quitting development and moving into a cardboard box under a bridge I figure out the solution. I like to think about it this way though, if I'm not feeling like an imbecile at least once or twice a week I'm not learning anything new and not growing. If I go through a few weeks where I start to feel like a programming god I go and get some more difficult tasks from the backlog or ask my manager for something more challenging to bring me back down to earth again. And then I challenge myself to figure shit out and it can be frustrating and I feel like an idiot sometimes but I also know that's part of growing as a person and building my skills. Plus there's nothing quite like the feeling you get from finally solving that big issue that was holding you up, one of the most rewarding things about working in tech is finding that solution to a tough problem.
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    @Null-Device pleas can you debug my clod for me? It isn't producing lightning and smiting my enemies? Is the GoogleBing broken?
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