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*lunch break. In a table with 2 other co-workers*

Me: "I am going to quit today!"
Co-worker 1: "What? I am going to do that today too!"
Co-worker 2: "Are you serious? I was planning to do that too today!"
Me: "Holy cow! Let's do that today the three of us, but I am going last one. I want to see his face (our CEO)".

After couple of minutes and disagreement, we agreed to do that.

When I told him (I was the last to tell himm), he was sweating and his face was red. Started to throw offensive words towards me. I was expecting that and came prepared. BUT, in the middle of his words saying "I hire you because no one would hire you" etc, quietly and with a smile on my face, I interrupted him saying, "Look, is this going to take long? Because I gotta go somewhere and I am not in the mood to listen to you!"

He started to shake from that rage he had inside him. I know he wanted to punch me. But nothing happened.

I still remember his face like it was yesterday. :P

My aunt's husband and him were best friends. He called him saying what happened. Of course, I was the one to blame. Since my parent knew what kind of guy he is, they told me "You did good for being quiet, not screaming and not acting like a child!"

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    This is gold! Why did you all decide to quit?
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    - Abusive boss!

    - Abusive Team Leaders and Project Managers.

    - Low salary (One of those co-workers was an 'intern' according to boss. Worked there for 9 months and did not get paid. )
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    @vlatkozelka Yeah. She just graduated and had no experience. It was very illegal, but that girl needed the experience and was hard for her to find a job in another company with no experience at all, until after 9 months she found another job.
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    @vlatkozelka Like he gave a fuck. That's why we left.
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    I had a similar situation and when I told my manager that I was going to leave the company he told me that another 6 people had quiting in the last two days and in his own words "this is ridiculously, yesterday three guys leave us for company X and today the python, java and .net devs. And now your are telling me your are quiting too? what the hell is going on? This can't be happening"

    I just shrugged my shoulders and said nothing...
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    @byoigres Maybe... Just maybe, you need not just treat your employees with respect, but good salaries also.
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    This is why I detest companies with toxic culture, when you stay in there for too long, you start to pick up some of the bad habits!

    Those managers may have spent way too much time at abusive companies themselves...
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    @freebug I remember when I started to train Jr. devs. I started to act like my former boss was with me, and then I said to myself that it was wrong. And I changed my attitude.

    @Klanowicz From Albania, but living in U.S.A. :)
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    @byoigres you actually have to speak up in these situations.
    Give feedback, give them the opportunity to fix their shit, still leave though
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