I’m afraid of forgetting stuff I learned r recently :/

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    I always forget. That's why I treat stackoverflow as my blog engine, backup my bash history file, and always keeps notes, e.g. in Google keep.

    The only way of not forgetting is doing the same thing for years. That would be boring so I learned to embrace forgetting things.
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    I have this fear a lot. I pretty much do what @k0pernikus does, with the added keeping notes on new langs/frameworks I've learnt. Also creating your own cheatsheets can be handy
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    @k0pernikus I should start thinking like that. I recently learned react native and since I finished my last app, I have been worried, looking for more stuff to do so I don’t forget :/
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    @orsino7 good to know I’m not the only one lol
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    @j-dev-o how did you find react native? I've just started learning it.
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    @orsino7 I took an Udacity nanodegree
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    Same here.
    But, this is what i do:
    - Write it in a blog: if i can write it and explain it (like a tutorial), is much easier to remember it
    - i save some snippets in my gitlab repo. So i can check them out later
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    Everyone forgot the things. We have to just practicing it so that they don't want to break up with us.
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