I - Lets move your database to mlab. They offer 512mb database for free, every month. That is beyond your lifetime usage

Client - No. They Steal Data ( Like Facebook )

And client don't know a shit about mlab and development. Aware of quite a few names, bigrock, godaddy, bluehost. Even AWS is not in the list

- mlab is mongodb database service

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    $$$$ time!
    put them on aws, and charge 1000$ for hoslting.
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    Heroku: Hey verify your credit card to use this addon thats free anyway to setup mLab!!!
    Me: *creates a free mLab* *adds one system variable* *uses it in node like it were setup by the plugin*
    Me: Why should I give you my credit card again?
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    You deserve everything thrown at you.
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    @magicMirror Mother Zucker want things to be deployed on his server. He believes, i will sell his data to his competitor. Or my employee could steal the data.
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