This is a mathRant but I love it

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    Whoever created imaginary numbers must've been like, "Real numbers can't fuck with the students enough. We need some more imagination."
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    Randall Monroe just proved he doesn't know who frigg is 3Blue1Brown
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    As a teen: 'Haha imaginary numbers ... How ridiculous...'

    After a few lectures at University: 'Holy sh** this stuff works and there are also hypercomplex numbers, too.'
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    The whole "imaginary numbers" name was actually used in a derogatory sense; these numbers had no meaning or purpose, unlike "real numbers".

    Look who's laughing now.
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    We need mathRant! I love spin off
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    @Lahsen2016 You're making me sorely miss physics 😭
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    What the fuck is that equation
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    @PrivateGER Euler identity. You can find a demonstration on Wikipedia
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