Am I reasonable rejecting a job which is about building an accounts interface system which will interface with different services build with different technologies and manage the accounts, all in Visual Basic?

On my side I don't feel pleasant to put effort and will on such a language on my CV.

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    It depends if you know how to do it why not, It'll be quite amazing managing account across different technologies.
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    Don't judge a job on the basis of a preferred or unpreferred programming language; accept it if the job title or description would further your career and land you a better job in the future

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    You're turning a job down solely because you'd be using what is basically only a different .net syntax..? I guess the real question is what is more impressive/important on your CV, the language you used or what you accomplished with it?
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    @Hu-bot0x58 of course he does, people can make whatever decision they want, it's his life. Nobody is telling him what he HAS to do anything...I just feel like using your less favored .net language seems like a relatively minor thing, I'd be more interested in what I got to build and put on my CV than which language I had to use to do it
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    @Hu-bot0x58 what he said.

    @soohoonigan I didn't mean to say his concerns have no ground to stand on, I'm saying it may not be the smartest move. Whatever he decides, I hope it's aligned with his future goals.
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    @CodinNShakin @JKyll @soohoonigan @Hu-bot0x58
    thanks for your feedback guys, and I changed my mind, screw this language preference, today I'm going to see the project only from the point of view of what problem is being tried to be solved and if from this perspective it does tick me.
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    @okstar if you really hate to code on VB, then try to suggest something better, like tell them that it would be better if we use this {{ PL }} becase {{ reasons }}
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    @CodinNShakin @JKyll @Hu-bot0x58 @soohoonigan Finished with the appointment, unfortunately changing the programming language isn't feasible at the current advanced stage. But despite that, I'm going to reject the opportunity, because of the way it's being solved... I'm not a fun of storing executable scripts\code (generated or handwritten) in DB and not having an idea of the overall specifics\requirements. Both of this aspects lead me to think to increasing entropy the further the project progress... No thanks.
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