When I was younger I had a decision to go into hardware or software. I chose software and have loved it.

Recentily I just spent 5 hours trying install a Linux distro on an old server. I made no progress.

I made the right decision. Hardware freaking sucks! You spend hours working on outdated pieces of crap and find that to fix your problem you need to sell you kidney to finance your project. Not to mention you have to wait for literally everything! It's like gradel builds everywhere! Want to install a new distro on your USB? Bam, 5min gone. Want to boot into bios and change one setting? BAM! more time wasted...

A note to the sysadmins out there: thank you. I love you. I am so happy you do this kind of work so I don't have to.

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    Although I mostly agree with you, without hardware, all software IT people would be out of jobs 😆
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    … but all of this is software? Do we have different views what ‘hardware’ means?
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    Well, all of my issues were due to hardware problems and software that interfaces directly with hardware. I was also just super pissed at the time and wanted to blame something.
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