"Microsoft programming chief to devs: Tell us where windows hurts you"

You must be kidding, right? Since Windows 10 it hurst the moment it is installed on my fucking PC. I don't want those fucking cloud functionality on my fucking PC. If I want it, I would work on a Mac FFS!
Let me decide when to update my god damn machine! Even with a fucking enterprise edition it is not possible the way I want it! Yeah, I don't have to login with a Microsoft Account, but there is always a small, little, Microsoft-Hating-Devil in my Head telling me: "Who knows, if they don't sync your clipboard even, if you don't login with a Microsoft Account?" (Cloud synced Clipboards are the next bis shit coming!!!)

There is not much left, and Linux will be my all day OS (second boot atm).

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    @fuck2code Thanks for the offer! At the moment I don't know with which Distro I want to go for daily use. On my list is Debian Testing or openSuse.
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    @fuck2code Tried Arch already. Loved the vanilla experience, but hated the "fear" that it could break on any update (happened once). Maybe Manjaro is a better choice for me then? I would like to use a rolling release Distro.
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    @fuck2code Thanks for the recommandations! Will give them a try!
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    Many Microsoft devs use Mac :)
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