So me and my team went to this hackathon, and we were in the last 4 hours of the event.

Me being the dumb type, I forgot that my laptop's keyboard was broken (when numlock is pressed the whole keyboard spams everything, weird).

I was typing up my last lines for the algorithm and instead of enter I end up hitting guess what, the numlock key.

I should've told you that when I hit the numlock key the keys go crazy, I cant stop it. The numlock wont shut off after i tapped on it again. The only way to fix this is by restarting the computer.

I try to backspace the crazy spam that happened (this was before restarting) the keys typed so fast never got the chance to select the stuff.

I end up restarting my laptop and turned out I selected most of my algorithm, instead of the spam, and now thats been replaced by the spam.

I couldn't ctrl z cuz I restarted and Android Studio auto saved. Had to freakin write everything from scratch and my team ended up not doing 2-3 features that were originally planned.

Rip. Gotta get the keyboard fixed ASAP.

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    Sorry to hear that. InteliJ has a local history, were you not able to salvage anything from that?
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