I’m a full-stack Dev, but my job description restricts me to backend - app logic and databases - but the frontend Dev makes crappy markup templates and I have to keep closing unclosed tags and replacing ID css selectors with classes.

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    i hateeeeeeeeee front-end xD, i'm not good into representing stuff xD
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    Can't you talk to them?
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    I swear that shit is depressing
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    @LastDigitOfPi Talk to them I have, but the crappy templates keep coming
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    Ask for code reviews and shame any error publicly
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    @donnico You do that they think it’s personal. Figures the best thing to do is correct the damn thing yourself
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    It's not personal, they are incompetent.
    They are an indrance to the company.
    And ultimately to you.

    I firmly believe that people who behave like this are cancer to the environment in which they work.
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    @donnico that they are. And it makes me real angry
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