Is anyone of you guys at WeAreDev con in Vienna?

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    I felt bad for nobody commenting yet so hereby: no 😅
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    @linuxxx Hahaa thx but I didn't expect it anyways ^^ would have been a nice coincidence
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    There are so many people that I would be astonished if no devRanter attended.

    But the tickets were pretty expensive...
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    @finiteAutomaton student ticket was only 200€ ^^ where are you from?
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    @julkali Vienna.

    Technically I am still a student, but the cheaper tickets were for non-employed students only.
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    Oh I wish I could have gone, but it's expensive and I also don't have time unfortunately
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    Most of the talks did not interest me, maybe John Romero.

    I wish I attended https://www.reason-conf.com/ instead.

    Was much smaller, and much more relevant for my everyday tasks.
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    I was there but I didn't check devRant app last days :( Maybe next year we can see you there for a talk and ranting :))
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